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From the very beginning, VSTE has profiled itself as a professionally-oriented technical and economic college, which offers study programmes based on the current requirements of the labour market not only in South Bohemian region. The institute therefore closely cooperates with more than 1600 companies from the Czech Republic and puts great emphasis on the students’ work experience that is carried out in the partner organizations for one semester, in the extent of 520 hours.

VSTE students thus gain not only academic but also professional experience and contacts and after their graduation, they are very successful in terms of their employability in the labour market. In the area of graduates’ employability, VSTE has been one of the most successful colleges and universities in the Czech Republic in the long run.

During the years of its existence, the school has undergone a major transformation that took decades at other schools. During this short period, VSTE received a number of regional, national, and international awards. This is largely due to its employees and students numbering about 4,500.

VSTE has thus become an important trans-regional academic institution, which, compared to other universities and colleges, shows a significantly faster growth, with a strong focus on students’ practical skills and high graduates employability in the labour market. —

Institute of Technology and Business (VSTE) was founded in 2006, thus  becoming the youngest public college in the Czech Republic.

About the institute

Institute of Technology and Business is a modern educational institution, which offers a large number of promising Bachelor’s and Master’s study programmes. Students both in full-time and part-time form of study are highly interested in our study programmes in mechanical engineering, logistics, civil engineering or economics. 

Our institute distinguish from other Czech universities and colleges by placing strong emphasis on students’ practical skills. For this purpose, the institute has well-equipped laboratories and other modern technical facilities. Within their study, the students undergo a one-semester practical training in the extent of 520 hours. The school cooperates with many significant companies active mainly in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, business, and other fields, not only in the region. 

In teaching, the emphasis is put on practical knowledge. The quality of instruction is improved by the active participation of top managers, technologists and other experts from practice in lectures. 

During their studies, students can opt for a period of study abroad or work experience abroad. The students who take advantage of this possibility thus have an indisputable competitive advantage when finding a job in the Czech Republic or abroad. 

The students can choose from a wide range of long-term and short-term stays abroad that last the whole semester or academic year. Choosing internship abroad enables students to complete the compulsory course “Practical training”.  

In the case of a foreign study stay, the subjects and courses successfully passed at a foreign partner institution are recognized at our school as well.  

Our school also financially supports study stays abroad. So why not to try and study in Belgium, Finland or Madeira and undergo the practical training in the companies in China, Germany or Malta? 

Students from more distant locations can use the possibility of accommodation near the school. In the campus, there is also a canteen, where the students can have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Students, especially the students of the technical field of study, will appreciate the new LABORATORIES with modern equipment. 

Studying at VSTE is not only about the study. You can energize yourself at many cultural, sport and social events organized by the students or try some sport on our recently opened sports grounds or become a member of our sports teams – ice-hockey team Black Dogs or girls’ basketball team Black Cats – or a member of our Chess Club.  

Institute of Technology and Business is a continuously and fast developing institution, and these are also the reasons why to study here. Come and see it on your own eyes!  

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