What are the types of the health insurance for foreign students in the Czech Republic?
There are two types:

  • complex health insurance for foreigners
  • foreigner´s health insurance for necessary and urgent care


Foreign students’ health insurance for necessary and urgent care.

Health insurance for necessary and urgent care is suitable for foreigners who apply for a short-term residence permit in the Czech Republic for a period shorter than 90 days. This type of insurance includes the costs of the medical care in case of sudden illness, help of the emergency services and hospitalisation for the required period.

Complex health insurance for  foreign students.

The second type of the insurance is a complex health insurance. This type is suitable for foreigners who apply for a long-term residence permit for a period longer than 90 days. Complex health insurance includes preventive health examinations, ambulatory care, medical check-ups, etc. This type of insurance also allows for a surgery.

Complex health insurance is a condition for issuing a long-stay visa for the purposes of study. Before obtaining the long-term residence permit for the purposes of study, the foreigners are required to submit the proof of travel health insurance for the period corresponing to the length of the stay in the Czech Republic.

In case of getting visa in the native country, health insurance for the students can be procured online.

The insurance can be procured online in 10 minutes. To the application for issuing visa for the purposes of study, only health insurance procured with Czech Health insurance companies can be submitted.

We highly recomment to incoming Exchange students and long term students to get the Complex healt insurance.

In case you have the basic insurance, you can upgrade it here in České Budějovice after arriving.
If you are interested in upgrading, you can contact Ms. Zemanová (from VZP) tel.: +420 387 200 619; mobile.: +420 731 546 816.

Prices of student health insurance.

The price of the least expensive health insurance for students is from 400,- CZK/month in case of health insurance for necessary and urgent care, and 350,- CZK/month in case of Complex health insurance.

In Russian Ing. Anna Hoblíková
In English Ing. Renata Ulbrichtová