Admission procedure for SUMMER 2023

The admission procedure for Exchange and Erasmus+ students from our partner universities at the Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice for the Summer semester of 2022/2023 is open!

Please note the change in the 2022–2023 academic schedule. SUMMER 2023 will last from March 6 until July 2, 2023, including the exam period.

The 2022-2023 academic year schedule is here:

Introduction week: contact the international relations coordinator for updated dates. IDW is not mandatory but recommended for all international exchange students.

EU citizens (or citizens of the Schengen Area) do not need a visa or a permit to study in the Czech Republic. A valid passport or another equivalent ID is needed.

Non-EU-citizens who wish to study or work in the Czech Republic are required to have a long-stay visa or a long-term residence permit before arriving in the Czech Republic.  They are strongly advised to apply as soon as possible. Contact us as soon as possible for the originals of your visa documents. Please, keep in mind that the visa process can take up to 60 days.

Student Mode

Contact  the international relations coordinator to include you in Student Mode (governmental project). The project ´Student Mode´ is the concept of visa facilitation for students-foreigners from selected third countries or make an appointment at the appropriate Czech Embassy/Consulate in advance. NOTE that we can not affect the process of issuing your visa.



  • Erasmus+ students apply via our online mobility system: A link is sent to their email address, which guides them throughout the application process.

1) Application form (to be filled in within the mobility system)

2) Transcript of records from home university

3) Learning agreement:  LA is filled in within the mobility system or students may send a filled in Erasmus+ Learning Agreement via email.

30 ECTS credits are required per semester.

Course cataloguesBusiness Administration

Course catalogue Building Construction

Course catalogue Mechanical Engineering 

Course catalogueLogistics

5) Copy of travel health insurance certificate

  1. a) EU citizens upload a copy of their EHIC card into our application system. However, it is strongly recommended to buy commercial insurance as the EHIC covers very basic health care.
  2. b) Non-EU citizens: The best option is to buy a 5-month Foreigners´ Health Insurance Exclusive with POJISTOVNA VZP, a.s. For more information, contact the coordinator.

6) For the update on our housing availability, contact the coordinator.  


If you have further questions or any doubts, write at:

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