Business Administration

Bachelor’s study programme (Degree: Bc.)  
Length of study: 3 years  
Form of study: full-time / part-time
Price of study: 70 000 CZK, 2 692 EUR, 3 045 USD / per year

The applications for the academic year 2024/2025 are now open. The admission process begins on 01/11/2023 and ends on 31/01/2024.

Academic calendar

About the field

The study is focused on economics and management of the individual functions of a business. Students will acquire basic theoretical knowledge in economics, marketing, business economics, management, finance and accountancy. The knowledge is also further developed practically. In Business Economics, the proficiency is further enhanced by choosing a specialization, which is adapted to the current trends and market requirements, and by long-term practical training. During the studies, the students can also gain international experience from both shortterm and long-term study abroad. 


A graduate in the “Business Economics” field of study is a university educated expert, who can find employment in professions at the middle level of business management. They occupy qualified executive positions in industrial, commercial and transport organizations, services, consulting, NGOs, and public and state administration institutions, especially the following ones:  

Longterm practical experience at the end of of the profession or occupation in the lower or middle management immediately after graduation. After completing studies, students can also continue in follow-up Master’s study programmes not only at VSTE, which offers a follow-up study programme Business Administration, but also in other economic fields of study offered by Czech universities.